I made myself a promise at the end of 2011 like I do many years to finally get around to blogging. I know to do it, I recommend clients do it and companies I do it. It’s part of every marketing audit yet I have never gotten myself to do it for myself. For my business. Until now. I’m big on being accountable to myself and clients. After using the excuse “the shoe makers children have no shoes” for way too many years than I care to admit I updated my ancient site to a new word press template site with some great customization and help from my friends Nicolle & Jason over at Insomnis Enterprises http://insomnisenterprises.com. I’ve worked with a lot of talented web designers and developers over the years and these guys are top notch. There is so much to blog about. The ever changing game of online media; search engine optimization (SEO) and new updates like Penguin, Search Engine Marketing, social, mobile, now that I am committed to blogging once a week there is no shortage of things for me to write about and express my opinion on. Stay tuned, much, much more to come.