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BeyondClicks was founded by Lee Mills back in 1999 when interactive marketing was in its infancy. At the time, Lee had honed online marketing while serving as the Marketing Director for He acquired users without a real marketing budget. He had to get creative to drive traffic, acquire customers, optimize website conversions, and deliver ROI. Thru effective SEO, affiliate marketing, media buys, and partnerships, Lee was able to prove a customer acquisition model that resulted in VC funding to propel growth.

BeyondClick’s first client was Olympus Digital Cameras, who hired us to launch their first consumer and professional digital cameras online. We developed an innovative online marketing strategy to launch the products online, generate awareness, traffic, and leads for their sales channels. We broke through all the online clutter and went way beyond the standard banner most marketers relied on. The most powerful and engaging was a video competition where users uploaded captions for celebrity gossip photos for a contest to win a camera. We utilized SEO, SEM, display, email, video, content, and influencer marketing to dominate and be part of the digital camera conversation wherever it was happening online. 

We work with a wide variety of big brands, startups, and every type of company in between. We don’t have clients. We have partners. We work as high-level strategic marketers for insights, ideas, strategies, and tactics. We roll up our sleeves to bring marketing programs to life, get projects done, get campaigns live, and generate revenue.

If you can’t afford a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Marketing Vice President but need a marketing quarterback to drive growth, we can help.   

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Our core team has over 45 years of online marketing experience, and our network of talent is nothing short of massive.

Lee Mills

Lee Mills

Founder & CMO

Matt Gurren

Matt Gurren

Co-Founder & VP Ops



Co-Founder & VP Media

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