Beyond Clicks was founded by Lee Mills back in 1999 when interactive marketing was in its infancy.  At the time Lee had already honed online direct marketing while serving as the Marketing Director for Backup.com.  Lee was one of the first employees and with limited start-up marketing budgets he had to get creative to drive traffic, acquire customers, optimize website conversions and deliver ROI.  Thru effective SEO, SEM (way before Google) and non traditional online media deals including cost per click – CPC, performance based cost per lead – CPL, and cost per acquistion – CPA Lee proved a customer acquisition model that resulted in VC funding to further propel the company growth.  The money came with a few management turn overs and Lee decided to step out on his own to utilize his expertise to help other companies find success on this thing called the web.

Our first client was Olympus Digital Cameras. They retained us to launch their first line of digital cameras. That’s how far back we go. Olympus and their agency of record at the time didn’t know where to start with online media. They found us thru our relationship with PCWorld.com and retained us to develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy.  The goal was to measurably build their digital camera brand thru reaching unique eye balls in relevant media while building a consumer database to share with their retail channel and market to. Always at the cutting edge we broke through all the online clutter and went beyond the banner with several tactics.  The most powerful and engaging was a Rich Media – a video competition on RealNetworks where users could upload captions for famous celebrity gossip photos and enter to win a camera.   We dominated sponsorship of all camera reviews, utilized advertorials, newsletter sponsorships and dedicated email blasts to targeted amateur, consumer and professional photography audiences.  Combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing (SEM) the results were a wildly successful program for Olympus that garned over 50,000,000 unique impressions (a lot at the time) and a database of over 100,000 photography enthusiasts. Wherever the digital camera conversation was, Olympus was there.

Since then we’ve worked with a wide variety of companies in both the B2C and B2B space in San Diego, Los Angeles and across the country.  We work as high level strategic marketing consultants where we provide marketing insights, ideas, strategies and tactics to grow your business and goto marketers to bring marketing programs to life. Our experience includes working in-house and inside agencies which gives us a holistic view as to how to make marketing programs successful. We often serve clients as acting Chief Marketing Officers and marketing leaders. Do you need a marketing quarter back to put together your game plan or do you need a whole team to run with the ball? Either way we will score on marketing ROI. We are big agency and marketing brains without the big costs or ego’s. We love what we do and it shows. Since we are virtual, we have no overhead. Since we are nimble and flexible we also move fast. We can get marketing programs going in just a matter of days and often times overnight. We have strong relationships with all the major online media, portals and top websites and since we have done a lot of business with them over the years we can get amazing prices on media. Are you ready to catapult your marketing? Contact us today for a free consultation.